New Hyundai Tucson

By Sandy Myhre

Why is it that motor companies are prone to hyperbole.  Look at Hyundai’s brochure for the Tucson…

“…signals the start of a new day, a new way of driving.  Rejecting the ordinary the all-new Tucson pushed the boundaries of the segment to reinvent everything…”

Really?  Admittedly, it delivers the goods but “pushing the boundaries of the segment to reinvent everything….” is, well, pushing the boundaries.

It’s a great car, there is no doubt about it, with some innovative touches.  Let’s start with the outside.

It is stylish.  The designers have opted for swathes down each side but have managed to keep it at that for clean lines and probably for aerodynamics. It stands out in a saturated market segment, think Kuga and Tiguan for instance. And it’s bigger than Tucsons past.  It’s a little awkward to get into at first but once you’re in your good to go.

Now take the front headlights and grille as an example of innovation. It comes under the heading of ‘parametric design’ and there’s nothing quite like it on any other SUV in the segment.  The bold angled grille lights up like a Christmas tree at night and good on Hyundai for thinking outside the box on this. 

The rear also incorporates the unique geometric pattern with diamond moulding above the skid plate.  Again, other SUVs in the class haven’t matched this innovation. And the rear wiper is concealed when it’s not being used which is a great feature.

Once inside there is dual-zone climate control, you can control the temperature for either side.  It has heated front seats, rain-sensing wipers and smart key push button start. Then there’s the lane-keep system which is overly aggressive but you can override that with a button on the steering wheel.  Except, you have to override it every time.

It has blind spot collision avoidance and forward collision avoidance so the car senses what might be in front of you and automatically corrects. It saves us from our silly selves.

The generously proportioned touch screen has all the usual technology features (wireless charging points, USB charging port, Apple car play, Android Auto, satnav system and, bless the designers, separate and apart from the screen is the digital cluster which registers speed and revs.

One thing about the screen, it has a scroll button for the radio. It’s a bit of a fiddle to scroll up and down for sound so why put it in?

There’s plenty of room all around and push button control for folding down the rear seats to give you more flat space. This enhances the already generous boot space.

On the road the 2.0 litre petrol engine is more than adequate for New Zealand conditions. While this new Tucson is larger than its predecessor it weighs essentially the same. 

Overall?  Style-wise it has it over the competition and that’s the Tucson’s unique selling point.  Price:  $54,990.

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