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Jaguar F-type turned me into a liar and a bit of a bitch

by Charleen Clarke There is one thing in life that I truly despise: lies. When someone lies to me, I lose all respect for that person. Accordingly, I’m always honest – even when I really shouldn’t be. But recently I got the magnificent Jaguar F-Type on test – and I turned into a pathological liar. I had been showing my apartment to a cocky young … Continue reading Jaguar F-type turned me into a liar and a bit of a bitch

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On the flight from Paris (CDG) to Shanghai (Pu Dong) on China Eastern Airlines, one thing was abundantly clear.  There were very few Europeans on board. I could see about 10 on the A330-200 that has a capacity of 220 or thereabouts. So Paris was a good introduction to Shanghai. Approaching Pu Dong Airport in the early hours of the morning it was also abundantly … Continue reading ABUNDANTLY CLEAR IN SHANGHAI


By Sandy Myhre The Back Story: There’s no question that Hyundai is investing much time and effort into research and development and shaping its future through electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell  technology. That’s just for starters. The company is also into motor sport through their World Rally Championship participation and New Zealand had a hand in that with Haydon Paddon until he was replaced … Continue reading HYUNDAI’S HOT HATCH