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Jaguar F-type turned me into a liar and a bit of a bitch

by Charleen Clarke There is one thing in life that I truly despise: lies. When someone lies to me, I lose all respect for that person. Accordingly, I’m always honest – even when I really shouldn’t be. But recently I got the magnificent Jaguar F-Type on test – and I turned into a pathological liar. I had been showing my apartment to a cocky young … Continue reading Jaguar F-type turned me into a liar and a bit of a bitch

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On the flight from Paris (CDG) to Shanghai (Pu Dong) on China Eastern Airlines, one thing was abundantly clear.  There were very few Europeans on board. I could see about 10 on the A330-200 that has a capacity of 220 or thereabouts. So Paris was a good introduction to Shanghai. Approaching Pu Dong Airport in the early hours of the morning it was also abundantly … Continue reading ABUNDANTLY CLEAR IN SHANGHAI


By Sandy Myhre Busan is Korea’s second most-populace city next to Seoul.  It is a port city in the south and on a sunny day in early June 2018, history was made, not in a way that is immediately apparent but significant nonetheless. For the first time at an Asian motor show, three women journalists were there as a group, at the initiative of Hyundai. The … Continue reading HYUNDAI AND KIA BY DESIGN