It all started at the famous Bathurst 1000 race in Australia many moons ago.

Sandy Myhre was the only female journalist in the entire media room. A few years later in walked Liz Swanton. The then Ford Racing PR Manager (the fabulous Louise Teesdale) decided Liz and Sandy needed to meet because they had much in common.

How right she was. Wenches on Adventures was born. Since then the Wenches have completed several economy driving rallies together in New Zealand, Liz has been to the Bay of Islands several times to experience the magic of that fabulous area that is Sandy’s home region and Sandy has travelled to Sydney.

What comes next? Why, food, travel, cars and some madness of course! How could we not? If two travelling, writing foodie women with a sense of humour and who love to drink wine aren’t qualified to write this, who would be? Enjoy.

All About Sandy Myhre

All About Liz Swanton